TAPxIDP Joint P2P Services: FAQs

Have you got a question regarding our joint peer-to-peer (P2P) services with IDP? Read on for the most common FAQs and their answers.

Find answers to the following questions:
What are the services?

P2P Conversion
P2P Conversion helps convert future students who are already engaged and matched with an IDP counsellor by connecting them with current students on the IDP Live and Whatuni apps.

Prospective students can click on student ambassadors’ profiles and chat directly with them to ask questions about what’s like studying at your institution. This way, future students get an insider view on student life they can’t find elsewhere.

P2P Community
P2P Community boosts your university’s reach by showcasing content created by your ambassadors across the IDP websites to millions of future students.

With P2P Community, your ambassadors can create content (photos, videos, answers to common questions) that will be featured on IDPs international websites to influence and inform future students’ choice, like Hotcourses - and all this content will have your institution’s name on it. 

Read this article for a glimpse at what the services look like.


What's the value of these services to me?
For P2P Community:
  • Facilitates and speeds up decision making (faster conversions)
  • Institutions with ambassadors enabled are seen as transparent and trustworthy (therefore more competitive)
  • Being free, it adds value to your IDP subscription
  • You get insights into these conversations
For P2P Conversion:
  • Boosts your institution’s brand and reach
  • Builds trust with prospective students
  • The featured content is searchable on Google and other search engines
  • Being free, it adds value to your IDP subscription
  • You get insights into content performance

Where will these services live?

In this initial release, P2P Conversion will live on the IDP Live app and on the Whatuni app, whilst P2P Community will be on the Hotcourses International sites.

Am I eligible to sign up for these services?

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Do I have to pay extra for the new P2P services?
No. If you are eligible for these services, then they are available to you free of charge.
Can I access the new P2P services without a subscription to The Ambassador Platform?
Yes, so long as you are eligible for the services.

What is the estimated time commitment for the ambassadors?
  • For P2P Conversion, there could be up to 1-2h of work for ambassadors per month.
  • For P2P Community, there will be around 15 mins of work for ambassadors per month. 
    Read this article for more details.

Who will own the prospective student data?
Due to the fact that these services live on IDP's apps and sites, these students are already engaged with IDP and their counsellors and are therefore owned by IDP. They will be nurturing and converting these students on your behalf. If you are already an existing TAP client, IDP will not have any visibility into your prospective student data that's generated via your own TAP Feed. 

How many student ambassadors do I need?
You will need a minimum of 5 ambassadors for P2P Conversion.
You will need exactly 5 ambassadors for P2P Community.

Preferably, your student ambassadors will be international students.