What will my ambassadors be expected to do on the IDP Joint Services?

Read on to understand what work the Joint Services are expected to create for your ambassadors.

Before we start, it should be made clear that these Joint Services are a completely new peer-to-peer (P2P) offering that IDP are providing to clients. A few months after launch, around July 2024, we should have enough data to more accurately inform how many conversations your ambassadors can expect to receive from prospective students, and therefore how much time will be asked of them. 

Please note that the following expectations and guidance will already be covered in the training provided to your ambassadors.

For P2P Conversion

  • Your ambassadors will be answering questions from prospective students relating to a range of topics and are advised to answer as best they can, and where possible, relate it back to their own experiences.
    If they are asked a question about their institution that they find difficult to answer, they will be able to invite you, as an admin on the platform, into the conversation. You will be notified by email when this happens. 
    If they are asked a question about application or admissions advice, they will refer the student back to their IDP counsellor. 
  • Ambassadors are expected to respond to any messages from prospective students within a 48h window. If they do not do this, as an admin on the platform, you will be notified of this, (to help remind them if needed!). 
  • We expect this work to take up to 1-2 hours of each ambassador's time, per month. 

For P2P Community

  • Please note you will need exactly 5 ambassadors (no fewer or more) to enable this service.
  • Your ambassadors will be creating content based on requests sent from IDP on a regular basis around the core themes of:
    - Destinations
    - Work & Careers
    - Finance
    - Institutions
    - Degrees & Courses 
    This content can be in the form of a photo, video or text. 
  • You can see the content guidelines shared with ambassadors here.
  • In terms of frequency of requests, this will differ depending on the phase you are in.

    For launch onto the service
    Each ambassador will be asked for 1 piece of photo/video content and 1 text answer
    = 15m of work per ambassador upon launch.

    Months 1-6
    Each ambassador will be asked for 1 piece of content per month.
    = Less than 15m of work/month per ambassador.

    Months 7+
    We will review the impact of the content shared up until this point, and if a change in the frequency is recommended, we'll work with you and your ambassadors to agree upon this.

  • You will be able to see all content that is created by your ambassadors from within the Admin Dashboard, (in your gallery) and if you do not wish for a specific item of content to be published on the IDP sites, you will be able to delete this content. 

  • You will also be kept informed of what kinds of content requests will be sent to your ambassadors through our product update emails on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact your IDP Account/Client Manager.