What is the Switching Service?

Read more about our free Switching Service.

If you're already working with a peer-to-peer (P2P) provider and are looking to make an upgrade to The Ambassador Platform (TAP), then we're here to help! We know that switching providers can be a hassle which is why we've designed this service to ensure we take on as much of the work for you as we can, and help you make the switch in as little as a day. 

It's completely free of charge and not mandatory of course, but the offer is always there should you need a little extra support to make the switch.

Before you read on to learn what's included, we'd advise taking note of all the logistical considerations you'll need to be aware of when switching.

So, what's in the Switching Service?

We'll dedicate a half-day to help you achieve the following objectives:

  1. 1 hour: A discussion to make sure we understand your objectives for embedding the student voice in your Marketing & Recruitment work through P2P and provide advice on how we can maximise results through your work with TAP.
  2. 1 hour: Admin Training session for any colleagues who will be involved in using the platform.
  3. 30 mins: Setting up your TAP Account 
  4. 1 hour: An interactive ambassador training session to help your ambassadors get hands-on with TAP, share best practice on having great conversations and creating compelling content, and also to give them an opportunity to ask any questions they might have. 

 Following this, the only remaining two actions will be for your IT team:

  • Swap the existing embed code on your ambassador page on the website, with ours. 
  • Swap any pop cards on your website for TAP pop cards.