Upgrading from one peer-to-peer provider to The Ambassador Platform

Read through this guide which covers a checklist of how we will help you take care of each step throughout the transition period to make it a seamless experience.

We’re so glad you have decided to join us (or are considering joining us) at The Ambassador Platform. Considering you have already implemented a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform at your institution, the steps to join us at The Ambassador Platform become even easier. Here is a checklist to assist you while you transition to our technology, and we’re here to help during this very exciting time!

You already have:

  • An awesome group of ambassadors ✅
  • A page on your website dedicated to connecting with ambassadors ✅
  • Promotions and marketing efforts to direct prospects to speak with ambassadors  ✅ (which might require a few tweaks to replace your previous P2P provider name with ‘The Ambassador Platform’) 

Things to consider:

  • Messaging to send to prospects about your upgrade to The Ambassador Platform 
  • Communicating to your ambassadors that you’re excited to be upgrading to the Ambassador Platform 
  • Training your ambassadors on how to use our technology

What we can help with:

  • We’re here to get you started and help you make the most out of our technology. Learn more about how we support you with a hand-held switching service here.
  • Training resources are provided for your team of ambassadors and a 25-minute online training centre that takes them through all aspects of our app including chat conversations, sharing content and answering FAQs
  • 👉 Templated message to send to your prospects regarding the switch
  • 👉 Templated messaging for your ambassadors to send prospects
  • 👉 Templated messaging to share with your ambassadors regarding the switch
  • At The Ambassador Platform, we are here to support you not just during the onboarding process but beyond! You can reach us via emailing us at support@theambassadorplatform.com.