What is THE Student Chat?

A brief overview of THE Student Chat for ambassadors who are already using TAP.

What is THE Student Chat and why does it exist?

THE Student Chat is a new kind of offering for students around the world. It is built by Times Higher Education (THE) and The Ambassador Platform (TAP), and it will be accessed by thousands of students every year, looking to understand what life at university is really like.

It is a feed of ambassador profiles from universities all over the world and is embedded onto the THE Student website.

In addition to representing your university on your university’s website, you can now represent your university on the THE Student website, and start building connections with students all over the world, who are starting their journey to higher education.

Through THE Student Chat, you'll be able to help hundreds if not thousands of people make a more informed and confident decision about their higher education options.

What do I need to do?

All conversations through THE Student Chat will appear in your app, just as they do when students reach out to you through your university's 'Feed' (on their website).

When a student reaches out to you through THE Student Chat, you will see that they have come from THE Student, rather than your university’s website, besides their name. Beside their country of residence, it will say ‘THE’.

You do not need to do anything differently in your conversations with students, just have the same great, authentic, and friendly conversations as you are already having on TAP.

Will my content be displayed on THE Student Chat?

Any content and FAQ answers that you have created, and which your admin has published, will sit within your profile on the THE Student Chat page, so students can view and engage with these, as they do on your university page.

Will my work on THE Student Chat be recorded?

Yes, all of the work that you do through your TAP ambassador app will be recorded in exactly the same way as it is on your university’s TAP page, and you will still earn career points, etc.