What is the Activity Report?

This article outlines how the Activity Report works.

The Activity Report is filterable over different time periods and shares the following key metrics:

  • the number of new users on your Feed

  • the number of prospects

  • the conversion-to-sign-up rate

You can view three different graphs showing these data points and see how this changes over time.

Please note that this report does not update in real time but is updated once every hour.

What are new users? (Taken from Plausible)

New users are users who have never been to your website, according to Plausible's tracking snippet; returning users have visited your site before. 

As of July 2023, we switched our Analytics provider from Google Analytics (GA) to Plausible. The outcome of this switch is as follows:
  • More accurate reporting on the traffic landing on your Feed as GA is blocked by a significant proportion of web users that employ tools like adblockers - this means that the number of new users (i.e. Feed views) has significantly increased since July across our partners
  • The above means that conversion-to-sign up rates have dropped significantly across our partners due to the large volume of increased visitors being captured by our analytics. Please note this has no impact on prospect numbers.
  • Faster loading of Feeds due to the Plausible script being far smaller than that of GA which in turn we hope will result in increased numbers of prospects signing up
    If you have any questions at all about this, please get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager, or message us at support@theambassadorplatform.com.