What is TAP FAQ?

A short description and explanation of our FAQ Feature.

With FAQ, you can easily source authentic ambassador answers to common questions.

What is FAQ?

What makes FAQs great?

We believe it's more than just having well-written questions and answers; it also depends on how relevant the author of the answer is to the question.

  • Prospects value both official institutional content and ambassador-authored content because it's important they know about the technicalities of applying such as fees and entry requirements, as well as being clued up on the actual experiences of being there. 
  • No one person or department can create a great FAQ, because no one person or department has broad enough expertise to be the author of answers to all questions. The challenge then is collaborating efficiently across a large enough group of representatives in order to source answers from the most relevant people.

FAQ allows questions to be created, answered and, crucially, assigned to a range of ambassadors across the institution.

  • The answers that the ambassadors submit can be edited before approval to maintain quality and manage information accuracy risks. 
  • The library of FAQs is then available in a searchable format on your website for prospects to find and read easily.
  • Finally, all answers are attributed to the real individual that wrote them via a friendly profile picture and summary of their role at your institution. If you have Chat enabled, prospects can also start direct message conversations with them to find out more.

The result is a bank of more friendly and relevant FAQs for prospects and a reduction in the staff time required to create, edit and deliver them.

If you have any questions about our FAQ feature, just get in touch.