What is TAP Content?

A short description and explanation of our Content Feature.

Content enables institutions to source user-generated content directly from their ambassadors.

What is Content?

The Ambassador Platform's Content feature allows the marketing team to collaborate with ambassadors to create, manage and distribute ambassador-authored social media posts. 

The tool has a three-stage process that is designed to create the best content in the safest and most efficient way:

  1. Collaboration through content groups.

  2. Creation of content by ambassadors reflects their experiences.

  3. Editing and publishing by admin staff. This allows the message to be controlled, and risks, such as the Competition and Markets Authority regulation, to be managed.

Powerful editing, management and publishing tools make posts and content easy to manage:

  1. Tagging and search functionality means it's easy to find and reuse content on an ongoing basis from the Admin Dashboard. 

  2. RSS integration into popular Social Media Management tools means collaboration with your existing content strategy and tooling is simple.

  3. Publishing directly to the Feed on your website means you can keep user-generated content fresh on your website in a searchable format at the click of a button.

  4. Simple downloading functionality means you can use your content whenever you want.

Whenever you use the posts that your ambassadors create, they earn bonus career points – this will only strengthen their desire to create for you. If they're not creating content that you want to use, collaborate with them to adjust their strategy so that you get the content you want while they earn the career points they need to build their career reference.

Finally, The Ambassador Platform has built-in terms for IP Assignment from the ambassador to the institution for whom they are creating. This means you don't need to come up with your own terms or worry about limits on the use of the content created by your ambassadors.

If you have any questions about Content, just get in touch.