What is TAP Chat?

A short description and explanation of our Chat feature.

Chat enables prospects to have peer-to-peer and group conversations with your ambassadors, in order to safely and authentically share experiences.

What is Chat?

The Ambassador Platform's Chat feature embeds profiles of real ambassadors onto the institution's website so that prospects can initiate personal and ongoing conversations anytime, anywhere. These conversations help prospects develop awareness, build confidence and feel a sense of belonging at your institution.

With thousands of peer-to-peer conversations happening each month, The Ambassador Platform has built several features to make sure prospects have high-quality and safe conversations whilst admins who are managing the platform save time.

Features to ensuring high-quality conversations:

  • Real-time notifications to conversation participants.

  • Ability for ambassadors to add other ambassadors or admins into their conversations.

  • Any participant can close a conversation once it has reached a natural conclusion and at that point, feedback is collected from conversation participants.

  • Admins can jump directly into conversations from the Admin Dashboard if necessary.

Features for making conversations safe:

  • Safeguarding training in the Ambassador Training Center and in the Resources page of the Mobile App.

  • Keyword detection on a list of words in our Safeguarding Policy. Keywords can either be blocked out or allowed to pass between conversation participants depending on your preference. Either way, admins will be notified by email when a keyword is found in a conversation.

  • Conversations can be reported by any participant. This will freeze the conversation so it cannot continue and an admin will be notified along with an explanation for why the conversation was flagged given by the participant. Only the admin can unflag the conversation so it can resume.

  • Prospects can be blocked at any time from within the Reporting Tab.

Features for saving administrators time:

  • Automatic reminder notifications to ambassadors if they have not replied within 24 hours.

  • Automatic notification to admins if an ambassador has not replied within 48 hours.

  • Keyword alerts and conversation flagging means that admins are guided towards conversations that are higher risk.

Specific groups of ambassadors can be placed in different areas of your website using our Profile Carousel Widget.

If you have any further questions about our Chat Feature and how to use it, don't hesitate to get in touch.