What is Tag Manager?

This article is outlines what Tag Manager is, and how to use it to group and manage your Ambassador Profiles, Content and FAQs to run tailored campaigns.

Our Tag Manager feature provides admins with a way of adding, viewing and removing tags to different content types in the Admin Dashboard. This includes ambassador Profiles, FAQs and content posts. This allows better grouping and control of your content. It also provides better search results and filtering on the TAP Feed for your prospects.

Tagging enhances search across the TAP Feed. If you want to add a searchable term to a piece of content, but you don't want this to be visible anywhere on the profile, content post, or FAQ - adding a tag is the solution. 

Example: I want to tag a group of ambassadors who always work on open days and are great for answering questions about this topic - adding an 'open day' tag to their profiles means that if a prospect searches 'open days' on your TAP Feed, their profiles will be delivered, alongside all content types that contain this search term (for example, an FAQ titled 'What happens on an Open Day?').

How to add tags

Creating, adding and removing tags is really simple. Open Tag Manager in each of the areas below to create new tags, add existing ones, or remove tags.

In the Ambassador List, Content Gallery, and FAQs you can now use a search bar at the top to search across your tags and other keywords.

Ambassador profile: 

Content Gallery: Click on a post, and then open Tag Manager.

Content Groups: Any tags you apply will be added to the content posted within these groups. You can select 'Edit group' within an existing content group to add or remove tags, and you can add tags when you create a new group. When adding a tag to an existing group, the tag will only be added to content that is uploaded afterwards.

FAQs: You can add tags when you create a new FAQ, when you edit a question in 'To Approve' and by selecting the add tags button in the 'Library' and 'Unanswered' sections. 

TAP Feed

On the TAP Feed, your tags are searchable in the usual search bar and will deliver the results of all of the content with that tag. The tag will not be visible on the content.

Filtered TAP Feed Promotions
You can use tags to create filtered TAP Feed Promotions - including Pop cards and Tracked Links. These work in exactly the same way as any other search filter. For example, if I wanted to filter a TAP Feed to only show content related to 'Open Days', adding this search term to the Filtered TAP Feed will show all types of content that contain this search term, as well as any types of content you have tagged with this term.

If you use a completely unique tag like 'First Years 2017', which is not included in any other type of content (like FAQ answers for example), the TAP Feed will only show profiles, content and FAQs which have this tag.

TAP Feed drop downs
This can be found in the TAP Feed configuration section, within 'Settings' on your Admin Dashboard. You can create up to three drop downs, which can contain titles and drop down options of your choice. Again, this works in the same way - any tags you may like to include will include all of your tagged profiles, content and FAQs, as well as any other profiles, content and FAQs that contain the written search term. For example, 'Open Days' would show all types of content that contain this search term, as well as any types of content you have tagged with this term.

I hope this is a useful overview! Please let us know if you have any questions at all via our support chat in your dashboard, or email support@theambassadorplatform.com 😊

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