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Using TAP in your student engagement programs

TAP is a great tool to engage with your current students in your mentoring/student engagement programs.

Retaining students in your university is very important!  The platform is very useful and effective to engage your current students.  Your student ambassadors (mentors/peers) can offer a range of different study and student support services to your current students through the platform.  Some students may have already contacted your student ambassadors in the recruitment team via TAP.  These students do not have to create a new account as they can use the same profile to connect with your student ambassadors in the student engagement team!  

Case studies (document) for the training session

The University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney and CQUniversity Australia has implemented TAP in their student engagement programs.  They promote the TAP during pre-departure, the Orientation Week and semesters.  Student ambassadors (mentors/peers) are on the platform to answer questions that can be anything from courses, assignments, internships, final exams, etc.  

If you are planning student ambassador (mentor/peer) training sessions, the case studies (questions) document is available for you to use.  Please download the document from here.  Please do not forget to change the degree names to match your university degrees. While you are holding the training session, I suggest you ask for feedback from other student ambassadors on answers given by other students!  This is a great way to learn how to communicate with current students! 


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