User Notifications

Notifications are updates about the activity on The Ambassador Platform. Here's everything there is to know about user notifications on our platform.

Dashboard Admins

Where are notifications sent?

You will get updates about what's going on in The Ambassador Platform sent to:

  • Your email

What do you get notified about?

By default, you'll get notifications when someone does any of these things:

Notifications related to Ambassadors

  • An ambassador creates an account

  • An ambassador edits their profile
  • An ambassador reaches their time limit and all features are deactivated

  • A keyword in our safeguarding policy is detected in a conversation

  • A prospect or an ambassador flags a conversation

  • An ambassador has not replied to a message within 48 hours

  • An ambassador invites you to a conversation with a prospect

  • Content or FAQ answers have been submitted for approval

Notifications related to Prospects

  • A prospect deletes their account

  • A prospect updates their marketing preference

  • A prospect messaging activity notification - enable this if you wish to be notified of instances where a prospect starts a conversation with multiple ambassadors within a specific timeframe, please set your desired parameters under the 'Safeguarding' section and then switch this notification on.

Notifications related to Group Chats

  • Updates for admin users about new messages will only be sent once per hour. However, if there is a direct reply to a message of yours, the notification will be sent immediately. 

To turn off or customize the notifications you receive, select Settings at the bottom of the taskbar on the left-hand side of your Admin Dashboard. Then, navigate to the Notification tab to set your own notification preferences. Having the switch to the right and showing in green indicates that a notification is turned on. Having the switch to the left and showing in red indicates that a notification is turned off.


Where are notifications sent?

There are two different places where ambassadors can get updates about what's going on in The Ambassador Platform:

  • Their Ambassador App

  • Their email*

*In order to receive email notifications for Chat, they need to go into the settings in the Ambassador App and enable email notifications. For more information please visit this help article.

What do they get notified about?

These are the most common reasons they'll be getting push notifications, and by default, they'll get them when someone does any of these things:

  • A prospect starts a conversation with them

  • An unanswered chat reminder after 24 hours of inactivity
  • A content request has been sent by an admin

  • An FAQ is assigned to by your administrator for you to answer

  • Their content or FAQ answer has been published by an admin 

  • If they have a time limit set on the number of hours they are able to work, they will be notified when the limit is reached and their profile is deactivated

  • Ambassadors will be notified of new messages in a group chat once per hour. If any user replies directly to their message they be notified instantly.


Where are notifications sent?

There are 2 different places they can get notified when an ambassador answers their messages:

  • Their email

  • Via SMS/text message (if they opt for this option over email)

What do they get notified about?

  • Chat: When an ambassador replies to their message

  • Chat: A reminder after 24/48 hours if they have not replied to the message from an ambassador 

  • Chat: A request for feedback after an ambassador or admin closes the conversation asking the prospect whether they are more likely to choose the institution following their chat with an ambassador.

  • Group Chat: When prospects are inactive in a group chat, they will receive a notification once per hour if they have a certain number of messages unread in a particular chat group.
  • Group Chat: They will also be notified every time someone replies to a direct message.
  • Group Chat: They are notified once per hour about non direct messages in a group chat.
    When prospects are active in a Group Chat, they do not receive any notifications. The threshold of being "active"/"inactive" is 3 mins or if a tab is closed.
  • Streams: A reminder about the event is sent to them both 24 hours and then 10 minutes prior to a stream starting.

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