Uniconnect - Making your feed available to your target audience

This article covers ideas to make the feed more available to students from the backgrounds you are looking to target.

There are many factors that influence the number of conversations your team will have with students through The Ambassador Platform. Once your feed is live, the most influential of these is maximizing the number of students from the areas you are trying to engage, who see your staff profiles and content they've created. Below are some ideas to help you share your feed with young adults and caretakers from underrepresented and/or disadvantaged backgrounds:

Work with your partner schools

  • Add personalized links or QR codes linking to the feed to school presentation slides, materials, resources and other communication sent out to schools

  • Add a banner to school newsletters directing school staff to the feed and explain it's a free resource they can share with the students. You can include anonymized screenshots of conversations to illustrate what kind of questions students can be asking your team 

  • Incorporate "Chat with us" into the schools' event agenda (in person or online). For example, the delivery team can allow a few minutes at the end of a workshop for students to create their accounts and start a conversation. They can also ask students to browse through content and FAQs and ask a question about a topic that caught their interest

  • Use "Chat with us" posters or leaflets after in-person delivery sessions in the classroom

  • Are you running events for school staff such as a Teacher's Webinar or a CPD for advisors? Remind them to share your feed with their students as an extra resource available to them

Social Media Campaigns

  • Use Content Groups or the Content Schedule to source content relevant to the social media themes. While your target audience might not be following your channels, you can ask schools to re-share content posts from staff ambassadors on their own social media channels to reach students

Website Promotion

  • Add filtered pop cards on popular pages on your website to encourage students to start conversations. For example: homepage or student resources pages. To illustrate, you could add a filtered "apprenticeships" pop card with a personalized page title and description that welcomes students interested in discussing apprenticeships

  • Check in with partner organisations to see if it'd be possible to add pop cards to their websites or if they could share the URL to your page and let students know they can ask any questions

Leverage your Staff Ambassador's network

  • Ask your staff members if they are comfortable sharing their profile URLs on their LinkedIn or other professional communities

  • Staff members can add their TAP Ambassador Profile links to their email signatures and share feed URL with school representatives and teachers

  • Create business cards for your staff ambassadors with their profile link so they can share them when doing delivery at schools or at events to promote ongoing follow-up conversations

Virtual Events

  • Incorporate TAP to any online events you are running to allow conversations with your staff. Use Group Chats to support your virtual events

  • Add the link to your page to follow-up communication after events