Top Tips for Collaborating with Ambassadors on User-Generated Content

Some handy tips on creating content with your ambassadors.

Working with ambassadors on user-generated content for your institution is a great way to make your social platforms more authentic. Here are some tips to ensure that your user-generated content is the best it can be: 

  • Give ambassadors creative freedom: allowing your ambassadors to come up with their own ideas is important and demonstrates the value of their creativity. This then ensures that the content they produce is as authentic as possible. Avoiding scripts also enables them to show their personality and create content without feeling pressured. 

  • Be flexible with working hours: ambassadors can be busy and commitments are continuously changing, so be as flexible as you can with timescales and hours. Ambassadors will really appreciate this!

  • Provide clear briefs: if you are after specific pieces of content, be clear with your instructions to allow ambassadors to perfect the content with minimum editing or re-shooting required. It also supports ambassadors who may be unsure of the content they’re being asked to produce. 

  • Trust your ambassadors: giving your ambassadors the same trust and respect as fellow colleagues is important to show they are valued and are on a level playing field with the rest of the team. If they’ve applied for the role, they are clearly passionate and invested in your institution, so trust them to create the best content.

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