Time Commitment on The Ambassador Platform

How much time will you spend managing ambassadors as an admin?

We have designed The Ambassador Platform not only to enable institutions to build awareness, confidence and a sense of belonging with prospects anywhere in the world, but also to save admins time when it comes to sourcing content and managing their ambassadors. 

“TAP has been instrumental in streamlining our recruitment operations and ambassador management, creating approximately a 30% time saving as compared to our previous processes.”

The University of Sunderland

We find that the time spent managing the platform really depends on your set up stage, and even the stage of the recruitment cycle. The time investment is usually higher during the set up period and then we expect admins to spent as little as 5-10 minutes a day checking notifications and analyzing their prospect data. Remember that the platform has been designed to be relatively light-touch and you will be notified as and when you need to action something, but otherwise, it's self-sufficient. 

More practically, here are some approximate figures for the time commitment required by a medium sized institution using all of the platform's features: