3 Campaign Ideas to Promote Your Ambassadors (Higher Education)

Take a look at how some of our customers have driven more traffic to their feeds.

You’ve built your dashboard, invited and trained your ambassadors, and your feed is live on your website - now what? Well, you want to focus on driving lots of prospects to your feed, so they can enjoy your ambassadors’ content, explore their FAQ answers, and, ultimately, find their profiles and start a conversation!

We have some general tips collected here, but in this article we wanted to share three specific things we’ve seen our customers do that you can also try yourself - the focus of these examples is broadly to make your promotions as targeted and personalized as possible.

Personalized email campaigns

Email continues to be an effective way of communicating with your prospects - especially when you make the effort to personalize them. INTO University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) have done this with fantastic results.

They sent out emails to prospects with a link to the profile of the most relevant ambassador for them to talk to, based on the data they already had on those prospects. The result was a far more direct call-to-action and a 340% increase in new prospects having conversations with their ambassadors in just one month.

If you do try an email campaign, don’t forget to use the tracked links feature so you can monitor how effective they are!

Tailor your feed to your audience and build consistent campaigns

It’s important to remember that your feed should form one part of your wider recruitment mix; use any other events or campaigns to tie everything together.

We’ve seen the University of Sydney and Swinburne University of Technology do this particularly well when trying to engage the Chinese market.

Swinburne made posters for in-person recruitment events that featured the faces of their Ambassadors and QR codes taking people right to their profiles - and these Ambassadors were the same people being used in other content across their campaigns, meaning prospects got familiar with them and wanted the opportunity to talk to them.


Sydney customized the titles of their feed and pop-cards by changing the text to Mandarin and using them on specific pages aimed at Chinese prospects, while both institutions also had their ambassadors use Mandarin in their profile bios - a subtle way of showing prospects that they didn’t have to have conversations in English if they didn’t want to.

Use data in your email promotions

Going back to email campaigns, don’t be afraid to use data from your dashboard to create a sense of excitement and urgency - a fear of missing out, even!

Keble College, Oxford, have done this particularly well with the emails they send out to their target prospects, including a selection of topics that have been covered in recent conversations on their feed and an idea of how many people are already there chatting. Your data can act as social proof to encourage more people to get involved.

While we’re talking social proof - don’t forget to turn it on for your feed if you haven’t already!

For more ideas about how to make the most of your feed throughout the recruitment cycle, check out this article.

Don’t forget to also make use of the content schedule to ensure a steady stream of ambassador-generated content, and don’t be afraid to download that content and repurpose it on channels other than just feed - make it work as hard as possible to drive traffic back to your feed from all your other digital touchpoints.