Tell prospects they can continue speaking with you through The Ambassador Platform

Ambassadors, please see below some example wording for how you can let prospective students know about the upgrade.

Has your institution decided to upgrade from one P2P provider to The Ambassador Platform? If that's the case, we're so excited to have you join us 😊 

If you are still in the middle of a conversation with prospective students on your institution's current P2P platform and wish to continue speaking with them, just make sure to let them know that as of <the date indicated to you by a staff member>, they will need to sign up again on the page. See below for some example wording:


Hey <name>, just wanted to let you know that as of <date> this page on the website will look slightly different. My profile will still be here but it will have a new look and you'll be able to see content that I create to show what my life at <institution name> is really like! I'd love to continue speaking with you and help answer any questions you might still have. Feel free to just click on the 'Chat with me' button on my new profile when it appears and just sign up again!