TAP integration with Slate

As part of our range of CRM integrations, you can plug TAP into Slate.

As outlined in our article on CRM Integration, we have confirmed that The Ambassador Platform can now integrate with Slate (Technolutions).

If you are utilizing The Ambassador Platform and Slate, simply contact your Slate support team and they will be able to walk you through the step by step process to be set up.

Data integrations in Slate

The core of Slate data integration leverages the Query Builder and Upload Dataset tools to exchange information between systems.

Many schools transfer data bidirectionally between Slate and other databases as needed. File transfer via SFTP or RESTful web services is employed for such integration.

For data integration via web services, Upload Dataset can accept a push or pull batched data from another service. The Query Builder tool is the primary method for exporting data. Query results may be delivered in several ways, including web services.

Slate clients have access to support resources including step by step instructions in the Knowledge Base and service requests.