Student Voice Workshop (& Blueprint)

Read on to learn what's entailed in our 3h Student Voice Workshop.

Time and again we see universities bravely experimenting with marketing campaigns that involve their student ambassadors, despite not having full clarity or alignment across the different teams involved in the project. These campaigns still add value, but this approach can lead to wasted time, investment and added stress on working relationships.
The Student Voice Workshop and Blueprint is created for universities who don’t already have a clear and cross functional plan for leveraging their student voice in their marketing and recruitment. The session uses our team’s expertise to create a bespoke plan for each university. We will facilitate a 3 hour creative workshop with your teams to extract exactly what you’re trying to achieve and the issues as you see them, we then educate your teams on student voice best practice and, finally, we collate the learning from the session and create a customised Student Voice Blueprint for your university which will act as a manual for making student voice successful as defined by you.
A fun and creative 3 hour session with our team and yours, to design the very best digital ambassador program for your institution, customised to your marketing and recruitment needs.
Together, we’ll come away from the session with:
  • A clear vision and set of goals for your digital ambassador programme.
  • Through a creative workshop, gain clarity around your goals for student voice at different points in your recruitment process and cross functional alignment.
  • Receive a bespoke manual, your blueprint, for how you can unlock extraordinary value at your institution using your student voice.

What's involved? 

  1. Understanding your team structure and top marketing and recruitment activities 
    We learn from you as the institution. 
  2. Identifying your priorities for using the student voice and asking the right questions
    Brainstorm activity involving everyone. 
    1. Student voice for brand awareness and lead generation
    2. Student voice for conversion from lead-to-enrolment
    3. Practically running an ambassador programme
  3. Knowledge sharing and expanding ideas 
    We present ideas based on learnings from our community
  4. Collecting our ideas 
    Brainstorm activity involving everyone
  5. Prioritising those ideas 
    Brainstorm activity involving everyone