Setting Up RSS Feeds from The Ambassador Platform

You can share posts from The Ambassador Platform to several social media management tools. Here are some helpful resources to get started.

RSS integration is an easy way to share content posts directly with your social media management tool, such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social. 

Please note that RSS integration will not work until you have shared at least one post to RSS, as this is the point at which the feed is first populated. Please ensure that you have shared one post to RSS via the Admin Dashboard before attempting to integrate the feed.

To set it up, navigate to 'sharing' within the Content feature in the Admin Dashboard.

Copy the Feed URL and then follow the instructions below for three of the most common social media management tools.

Once set up, you can simply click 'Share to RSS' on a content post in the Admin Dashboard and that post, along with its metadata like caption and accreditation, will display in your social media management tool ready for posting.

If you use another tool and would like help getting RSS setup, please get in touch through chat support.

Note that with some RSS feed readers, there needs to be a post in the feed before the reader will recognize it. This is the most common cause of a getting the error message "Invalid feed". If you receive this message, please click 'Share to RSS" on the content post from the Gallery and try again.


  • Hootsuite has a native RSS feed reader which can publish to Facebook and LinkedIn and will do so automatically.

  • If you also want to publish automatically to Twitter, you can use the paid AutoPublisher App.

  • If you don't want to publish automatically, you can use the Syndicator Pro App

Read their help article on this for more details:


Sprout Social

  • Sprout Social has an RSS feed reader called Feedly built-in. You'll need to create an account with Feedly to use it but it's no extra cost. Navigate inside your Sprout Social account as seen below to set that up. This is only compatible with Twitter.


  • Buffer removed their RSS feed reader however, there is still a way to set up an integration through Feedly and Zapier if you are interested. Check out this article to understand how:


If you have any questions or need help with these integrations or would like to know about other social media management platforms, just get in touch with our Customer Success team.