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Release Notes September & October 2022

Discover the latest product updates from September & October 2022.

Micro pop-card

We have released two new ways to display pop cards in order to improve the experience for users navigating your website on mobile devices:

  • Standard: our well-known pop card is suited for users navigating your website on a desktop
  • Small: the small pop-card is shown both on the web and on mobile in the minimized version
  • Standard for web and small for mobile: the small version is shown on mobile and the standard one is shown on the web
Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 10.21.38
If you'd like to use the 'standard for web, small view for mobile' version, you will need to re-embed the pop cards using the new code that is available on the admin dashboard

Safeguarding keywords - Bulk upload

Besides manual submission of custom keywords, now it is possible to make a bulk upload of safeguarding keywords from the admin dashboard by uploading a CSV file with all the words in one column. This can help you bulk upload keywords in other languages that are currently not part of our default list. 


Our API has been updated to allow our partners to collect: 
  • Content created by ambassadors including tags, descriptions, type (photo/video), and source.
  • Information about ambassadors including contact information, profile picture, biography, tags.