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Release Notes March & April 2022

Discover the latest product updates from March and April 2022.

THE Student Chat

In March, we officially launched our new lead generation solution, THE Student Chat. You can find out more about this product here. We have iteratively improved the functionality of this new solution in the past couple of months and below are some of the most recent updates:

  • Fake e-mail verification for THE. To ensure that users who are trying to sign up are real, we have added a built-in validation during the prospect sign-up process, checking the email that was input against common patterns for fake emails.


  • Enhancement to the mobile Feed view. To optimize the view of the THE Student Chat page on mobile devices, there is only one filter available “Study location” and the ambassador profiles were given full width on the page.
  • Optional and mandatory questions are back
    for prospects who sign up for THE Student Chat; they will be displayed after the prospect gets the first reply from an ambassador. This will allow admins to get more data about the prospects, so do give this a go if you are keen to collect more data about your leads!

Live Events Updates 

  • Private Live Events. You can now host private Live Events on The Ambassador Platform for a particular segment of your target audience. You can choose to make your event private (not display it on your Feed) as part of the event setup process. Once the Live Event is created you can share a link to it with your target audience. Check out this article with suggestions on how to make the most of this feature.
  • Hide Live Events from the group account feed. Admins who have access to a group account will be able to access this feature as part of the Live Event setup process. It will provide the following option: when an administrator of a university joins a group account and initiates a new Live Event, by clicking on “Don’t show on the group account Feed” the event will be hidden on a group Feed and will be available just within Feed of the university, which is involved in the Live Event.  
  • Adjustments to a scheduled Live Event.  As an admin, you can now edit any details associated with a Live Event that was scheduled. This may include the date or the ambassadors or speakers involved in the event. 

General Updates

  • Update scheduled content requests  As an admin, you can now edit the date or the details for a content request that was scheduled using the content schedule. This will enable you to edit our default requests or your own to fit better with your use case and save you time when sourcing UGC from your ambassadors. 
  • New logic for calculating the career points for ambassadors. We have reviewed and updated the algorithm that assigns career points to ambassadors when using the mobile app to ensure that it follows the new logic, which is based on counting the symbols (not words) and adding a 1.9 multiplier for Chinese languages. 
  • New logic for calculating Heatscores. Considering the new logic for tracking the time spent on chat by ambassadors (instead of words we rely on symbols and apply a 1.9 multiplier to Chinese languages); as a result of this, we have updated the logic for heat scores, ensuring that the length of conversations is calculated in the same manner. Now the heat score is calculated based on the number of symbols exchanged in chat conversations and a multiplier for Chinese languages.
  • Published content now appears in chronological order (newest first) both on the homepage of your Feed as well as on the Content tab. 

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@theambassadorplatform.com.