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Release notes June 2023

General updates


Customise pop card colour
Dashboard admins now have the power to personalise the colour of pop card text and button text, significantly improving both accessibility and the overall user experience. Customise the colours to enhance your pop cards and make them uniquely tailored to your needs all from the admin dashboard. 
Multiple custom questions 
Based on customer feedback, we've made it easier than ever to customise the sign-up form for prospective students. Now you can add multiple custom questions (in addition to the 2 that were in place already), aligning the captured data with your CRM requirements. It is possible to add as many custom questions as needed, and they can be optional or mandatory based on your preferences.
Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 20.53.51
Archive individual and group chats 
You can now easily archive deactivated individual or group chats, keeping your chat list organised. Archived chats are stored in the 'Archive' tab on the dashboard and can be reopened to return to their original category (group or one-to-one chats).
It is worth noting that archived chats are excluded from search results in the sidebar and only admins can reopen them. 
For prospects and ambassadors trying to access an archived chat, we display the ‘This chat was archived' message.
Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 20.51.47
Touch and FaceID for the Ambassador mobile app
Student ambassadors can now access the mobile app using Touch and Face ID. This should make the login experience faster and easier.

Live Streams updates 


Auto-sign for student ambassadors who are speakers for a Live Stream
To simplify the access of student ambassadors in Live Streams, we have implemented a seamless solution. They can now effortlessly join the event by simply opening the link in their email invitation. As invited speakers, they are authorized to access the Live Stream without the need for signing in.
Sign-up email confirmation for prospective students
When prospective students sign-up for a Live Stream they immediately receive a notification with the Stream details (i.e. time and date) and the link to the Stream. This is an additional notification that is sent to prospects alongside the 24-hour and 10-minute reminders sent ahead of the event. 
Mobile view improvements for Live Streams
We have updated the mobile view for Live Streams by removing some of the space in the header, so those who watch a Stream from a mobile device will see 30-60 pixels more due to this change. 

Manage ambassadors in the live chat
We have slightly tweaked the ambassador management tools available in the Live Streams menu, so you can now add or remove student ambassadors to an existing Stream using the 'Manage Ambassadors' option. 
Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 20.57.27