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Release Notes February 2022

New time-tracking logic for our ambassadors, new UX for SMS notifications and more to improve the platform.


1. Timestamps for chat transcripts according to an institution's time zone

As you will hopefully already know, the time zone setting is adjustable in your dashboard. For your convenience, all timestamps for chat transcripts are now in accordance with your institution's time zone. Please do take this time to make sure you have the appropriate time zone selected in your settings of the dashboard.

2. Ability to block a prospect on the Group Account level

As an admin on a Group Account, if for any reason you need to block a prospect, you can do so by heading to the Prospect Report, clicking on the View button next to that prospect, and selecting the 'Block this prospect' option.

Ambassador App

3. Time tracking on the app for conversations in Chinese

For ambassadors who are conducting conversations in Chinese, we're glad to announce we have now implemented a new time-tracking formula, which is based not on the words, but on the symbols used. This means that from now on, conversations that happen in Chinese have their time tracked accurately, just like conversations that take place in our standard Latin script. If ambassadors have had a chat in Chinese in the past - no worries! This new approach has been applied to previously held conversations as well. So ambassadors speaking in Chinese will see their time reports updated.

4. Filtered conversations on the mobile app

A lot of the product and engineering work we do is to save our users time. Ambassadors can now filter conversations on their mobile app by keywords. See below:


5. How to open The Ambassador Platform via browser in an iPhone

A significant proportion of The Ambassador Platform users access the platform through their iPhones. Previously, for some of these users who were accessing our platform via browsers like Safari or Google Chrome, there may have been some technical difficulties when trying to log into their accounts, because by default, cross-site tracking is prevented by iOS.

The steps found to enable login and work around this are:

  1. Going to the settings in the user's iPhone and finding their browser of choice;
  2. Enabling the “Allow Cross-Website Tracking” option as it is shown on the video below:

Once the cross-site tracking is enabled, The Ambassador Platform will be ready to be opened via their internet browser.


6. SMS notifications frequency

To provide a compromise between silence and awareness of new messages, we are reducing SMS notifications about new replies and/or a new message from 1 per hour to 1 per day.

7. SMS verification of a user

In order to verify a prospect's phone number and therefore their ability to receive timely SMS notifications, the system will send the prospect a code via SMS which will be asked for on the Feed - there will be a maximum allowance of up to 5 attempts with 60 second delays each.

If for some reason, the prospect is not successfully verified, the key code will be blocked for 24 hours and will be prompted to contact support@theambassadorplatform.com .

This is our first public product release notes and we really hope it's been useful. If you have any questions or even any feedback, please feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to the team at support@theambassadorplatform.com 😊