20 Recommended FAQs for Schools

Here are 20 questions to get your FAQ section started, covering the main topics of interest for prospective students and/or parents.


What advice would you give an applicant who is about to submit their application?

What is the application process? Is there an interview? 

Is the application process different for international students? 

Who should I get in touch with about entry requirements?

Why did you choose this school? 

What is the school campus like? 


What is there to do in <city name>?

How safe is <city name>?

What's the best thing about living in <city name>?

What are the transport links like?

Learning Experience

What are the teachers at the school like? 

What do you think the best subject/lesson is and why? 

What support is available to students? 

Student Life

What do you get up to at weekends and in your spare time?

Is it easy to make friends?

What sports are on offer to get involved with? 

Are there any extracurricular activities that are run by the school? 

Wider Community

How involved are the parent community in the school? 

Does the school throw any events throughout the year? 

Is there somewhere for parents/families of the school to connect?