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Engaging with Chinese Prospects

In this article, you will learn more about China's top performing social media channels, and how to leverage traffic from these platforms to boost engagement on The Ambassador Platform

Recruiting students from China using online platforms can often be a daunting process! With a plethora of newly-emerging social media channels to consider, where do you start when it comes to recruiting Chinese prospects?! We have shared some examples of how other customers are harnessing the power of their student ambassadors to recruit more students from this unique market. 

Does The Ambassador Platform work in China?

Yes! Our technology (the admin dashboard, TAP Feed, and app) is supported in China. We test the platform periodically in full using a remote server located in China. We also use automated assessment and QA tools to ensure that our service does not become restricted or blocked by the Great Firewall, and we deliberately reduce our dependency on third-party services such as Google Fonts, which are blocked in China and could negatively affect loading speeds.

How can I encourage prospect engagement with ambassadors using WeChat?

  • Share the content your ambassadors create through The Ambassador Platform on WeChat using 'Moments'. This is a great opportunity to share life as a member of the community at your institution! What do your ambassadors love most about your institution? This include the campus, student life, learning experience, employability skills, clubs/societies and much more. How have students gotten involved in the culture in <country>? What is it like to live, study and work in <country>? What can they expect when they first arrive at your institution? Answering these questions through Moments is a fantastic way to engage Chinese prospects as the awareness and consideration stage of their journey. 
  • Similar to a blog, use WeChat Articles to share successful and inspiring international student stories and promote the ability for prospects to speak with these students about their experience at your institution through The Ambassador Platform. Even better, include a video which can be inserted into the top of the article. The article you create can also be shared on your institution's website, which you can learn more about here
  • Create interesting and engaging campaigns through H5 landing pages which promote your institution and your ambassadors! Share your H5 page through a "Moment" or in any group chats. Remember to include a tracked link to your TAP Feed. Within the Tracked Link feature on the Admin Dashboard, you can also add a ‘China’ filter to your tracked link to direct WeChat users to Chinese ambassadors, so they can speak with someone who has undergone a similar journey to the one they are about to embark on!
  • Encourage your ambassadors to share the content they are creating through The Ambassador Platform on their own WeChat accounts, so as to spread word of mouth to family and friends in the most authentic way possible. Remember to share, like, and comment on your wider community's posts.

How can I encourage prospect engagement with ambassadors using Weibo?

  • Repurpose not only Content but also FAQ answers from ambassadors - post these with a tracked link to The Ambassador Platform.
  • Invite your ambassadors to takeover Weibo's live streaming feature one afternoon - you could ask them to do a building tour, show the campus facilities, or answer FAQ questions from your audience.
  • Remember your audience! Avoid posts that are text-heavy, as these are likely to be scrolled past. Instead, collaborate with your ambassadors on content creation using Content Groups or the Content Schedule.
  • Share your ambassadors' FAQ answers as individual posts in your feed, and add tracked links to the relevant ambassadors' profiles. 

Other tips and tricks

  • Set yourself up for success by hiring Chinese ambassadors - you might want to consider allowing your Chinese ambassadors to post their bio in English and/or Chinese to make it as appealing to your target audience as possible
  • Add a filtered pop card to any China-specific page or microsite on your website, so any prospects are directed straight to your Chinese ambassadors
  • Segment your email campaigns and create communications targeted specifically for the Chinese market. Make sure to include filtered tracked links in any campaigns you are running! 
  • Check out the Trend report on your dashboard to see what topics are coming up most frequently among your Chinese prospects. It will give you some ideas on what content to create with your ambassadors that will be most impactful
  • Do you already have a closed WeChat or Weibo group with applicants who had received an offer? Share the link to TAP to highlight the possibility to chat with your current students. Even better, use a  filtered tracked link to direct them to speak specifically with Chinese ambassadors.

We hope this article has been useful in providing more information about the Chinese market, and how you can interact with your Chinese prospects moving forward. If you have any questions or want to discuss your targeted campaign ideas, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or email support@theambassadorplatform.com for further information and guidance.