Promoting your feed to Students through your Partner Schools

This article covers tips and ideas on reaching your target audience through your partner schools.

Here are some ideas to work with your link schools to make the opportunity to speak with your Ambassadors available to their students:

  • Add a link to your feed and a description to the relevant Schools and Outreach pages on your website: "School students aged 13+ can now chat online directly to our student ambassadors using a safe and monitored platform". Some examples of relevant pages are: "Information for teachers", "Annual Outreach events", "Working with pupils", "For parents and guardians" among others

  • Incorporate "Chat with a Student" into the schools' event agenda. Allow time at the end of the event for students to create accounts and ask 1-2-1 questions to your ambassadors. You could also run "competitions". For example, ask students to browse through content and FAQ and find a fun fact to ask an ambassador about. You could also create a group chat to allow multiple Ambassadors and students who attended event to chat about a certain topic

  • Remind students that they can speak with ambassadors in the follow-up emails to schools with personalised tracked links to your feed

  • Incorporate tracked links into the Newsletters and communication sent out to schools. You can use e-flyers or banners to highlight the opportunity for students to speak with ambassadors. Some ideas to highlight your feed in newsletters are:

  1. Include data such as X students have started conversations in the last 30 months or we have X available Ambassadors to answer your questions

  2. Include examples of topics. For example, "Ask our Students about the course for which you are applying, accommodation and food at the college, societies and events"

  3. Include screenshots of anonymized conversations so staff can have an idea of what of questions their students can ask your ambassadors

  4. Include content produced by your ambassadors

  5. Include screenshots of FAQ answers

  • Leverage your ambassadors’ network. Your ambassadors may be interested in sharing their profiles with their former Sixth Form College if they are part of their alumni communities

  • Add links or banners to Access and Outreach staff members' email signature

  • Add a QR code to your feed in your printed collateral sent to schools or shared during in person delivery

  • Share content generated by your ambassadors or use an "Ambassador spotlight post" on the Outreach and the institution's social media accounts and if possible, ask schools to re-share the posts so they reach their students.

    Here is an example from the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford: