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Promote your Ambassadors with our Customizable Flyers and Posters

Quickly pull together some promotional material for your institution.

Promoting your ambassadors is really important - we've got plenty of ideas about how you can do it elsewhere in this Knowledge Base.

We've also created a customizable poster for you to use when promoting your feed at various in-person events.

Access the poster here.

Not only that, to help you recruit ambassadors to your ambassador program - something we have more advice about here - we've also created another customizable flyer, this time for use on jobs boards, and anywhere else around campus where you want to shout about your vacancies.

Access the flyer here.

Lastly, for anyone who wishes to include a cool email signature to encourage prospects to connect with your ambassadors, we've even got a customizable version of those for you to use.

Access the email signature here.