Guided Onboarding Checklist

A quick checklist of activities to tick off to ensure you successfully set up your TAP account and get your Feed live on the website.

Please note that all times listed are rough indications and some steps are just suggestions as noted. 

Action Completed?

 1h: Kick-off Call with your Customer Success Manager (CSM)


30-60m: Create your TAP account 

10m: Invite colleagues to be admins  
30m: Customise your Feed   
15-30m: Ask your IT Team to set up the Feed and any pop cards on relevant pages of the website  

30-60m: Your IT Team will create a new page on your CMS for the Feed, copy and paste our embed code and do the same for pop cards if relevant

(All of this will be in the email template in the step above)

Recruit a minimum of 3 ambassadors   
Suggested 1h: Train ambassadors  
1h: Invite them onto the platform and approve profiles  
Suggested 1-2h: Think about what promotional campaigns you'll run  
60m: Admin Training Session with your CSM