Notifications for Prospective Users

A quick overview of the notification settings for prospects.

Prospective users, or prospects, on The Ambassador Platform have the ability to choose whether they wish to receive either email notifications, or SMS notifcations, once an ambassador has sent them a message.

Email notifications are sent to the email address they used to sign up. In this email, there is a clear 'Reply now' button, which when they click on, will take them back to their conversation with that Ambassador.

SMS notifications are sent to the phone number they used to sign up. We use Amazon's Simple Notification Service (SNS) to send these notifications. Most countries are supported, however there may be a few that are not, and in those instances, prospects will need to select email notifications instead.

For a list of supported countries with Amazon SNS, please check out their article here and refer to the section titled 'You can use Amazon SNS to send SMS messages to the following countries and regions'.

If you need further support or help on this please get in touch via