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Making TAP Available Throughout the Recruitment Cycle for WP Teams (Higher Education)

This article covers ideas to make the feed more available to students from the backgrounds you are looking to target.

There are many factors that influence the number of conversations between students and ambassadors through The Ambassador Platform. The most influential is maximizing the number of students among your target audience who see the profiles and content your ambassadors have created. Here are some ideas to promote your feed through the recruitment cycle:


  • Promote your feed on the institution website: add pop cards to relevant pages on the website: undergraduate admissions, work with school pages etc.

  • If possible, include tracked links to your feed on central university pages or other external university pages which are available to applicants you are looking to engage. Some examples are: your college page, the college's alternative prospectus

  • Work with Link schools to promote your feed to more of an outreach audience

  • Incorporate feed to your Virtual Open Days, HE webinars and other events:

  1. Use TAP to set up your virtual event through our Live Event feature

  2. If you are using a virtual event platform, you can incorporate your feed into your event. If there isn't a session with your ambassadors, make time to speak with the them on TAP part of the event's agenda. You can encourage 1-2-1 conversations or create group chats around specific topics of interest

  3. Add banners with the URL to follow-up emails to remind students they can still interact with your ambassadors and have 1-2-1 conversations with them after the event

  • Leverage your ambassadors’ network. Your ambassadors may be interested in sharing their profiles with their former Sixth Form College if they are part of their alumni communities. They can also share their profile's URL on their own social media channels if they are actively engaged in widening participation.

Admissions and Interviews

You can use TAP during the admissions period to ensure that applicants always have a main point of contact for students who are facing their interviews or have questions around applications:

  • If your ambassadors represent subjects that require applicants to sit an Admissions test, consider making TAP available to them by adding pop cards to relevant pages and making the link available to schools. You could also source video content or FAQ answers from your ambassadors such as useful tips for preparing for the TSA

  • Add filtered pop cards to your interview pages on your College website. You can personalize the landing page experience by editing your page's title and description and filter by pre-tagged interview content and FAQs to target students who've been invited to interviews

  • Make the opportunity to speak with ambassadors available to all students who have been invited to interview on email and also on the institution and the institution's outreach social media channels. You could highlight ambassador's FAQ answers to "How could I prepare for an [institution] interview?" on the institution's social media profiles linking back to the ambassador profile's

  • Take the opportunity to source content around interview preparation from your ambassadors. You can use a Content Group to ask them to share relatable stories or tips on interview preparation

  • Use TAP to complement your institution's' interview workshops. If students are given the opportunity to speak with students in small groups about their experiences of interview and the applications process or if there's a Q&A at the end, you can remind them that they will have access to 1-2-1 conversations with ambassadors for any follow up questions on TAP. You can include a tracked link in the event follow up communications.

  • Host online interview workshops on TAP following the format of in person interview workshops:

  1. Ambassadors can be available during the interview period, on a roster basis

  2. Make use of our Group Chat feature to host your interview workshops on TAP. You can create Group Chats for specific subjects or topics!

Decisions and Offers

Use TAP to support students who have been made an offer understand the process of accepting their offers.

  • Send bespoke emails to students segmented by discipline and focused on one specific Ambassador. You can create "ambassador profile" leaflets with "top tips" or "fun facts" from the Ambassador a Call to Action linking to their TAP Profile

  • Source content around settling in the institution and FAQs about the process of accepting their offer

  • Set up regular group chats for offer holders so they can speak with one another and with your Ambassadors. They may want to find their future classmates and get reassurance from others in the same situation as them