Letting your prospects know you're upgrading to The Ambassador Platform

See below for an email template that you can share with prospects to let them you are upgrading to the Ambassador Platform.

If you are upgrading from one peer-to-peer (P2P) provider to The Ambassador Platform and wish to let your prospects on your current P2P platform know through an email, feel free to make use of the template below.


Dear <name>,

Thank you very much for speaking with our ambassadors - we hope you found it insightful. We’re very excited to announce that as of <date> we will be working with a new provider that is working to enable millions of prospective students to make more informed and confident decisions about their education. They do this by allowing prospective students like you to connect with our ambassadors, but this time not only by way of chatting, but also by letting you see and interact with the wonderful, authentic photos and videos the ambassadors will produce, giving you a glimpse into life at our institution. 

All you need to do to get involved is visit the page, (<insert link>) from the <date> and then you're free to check out all the content and continue speaking with the ambassadors - you'll just need to sign up again, that's all.

Have fun!

Best wishes,

XYZ at Institution Name