Key Metrics to Track on The Ambassador Platform (Higher Education)

Here are some suggestions for how to track the impact and value of using The Ambassador Platform.

We like data at The Ambassador Platform and we love helping our customers make the most of it! 📈

The first step in that process is knowing what you are trying to achieve. Using the platform provides value for our customers in many different ways, here are just a few to consider:

  • Improved student recruitment outcomes

  • Improved marketing outcomes

  • Reduction in staff time spent

  • Reduction in risk when working with ambassadors

  • Improved data insights on prospective student behaviour

Once you understand the outcome you're trying to achieve, you then need to think about what metrics will show you where you're achieving it:

Improved student recruitment outcomes

  • Number of leads generated by the platform

  • Cost per lead generated

  • Application rate (the number of prospects on the platform who go on to apply)

  • Offer acceptance rate (Applicants who use The Ambassador Platform and accept their offer)

  • Melt rate (Offer holders who use The Ambassador Platform and do not enrol)

  • Enrollment rate (Offer holders who use The Ambassador Platform that go on to enrol)

See our article on "How to evaluate conversion from The Ambassador Platform" which provides an excel matching tool to make it easier to do this analysis.

Improved marketing outcomes

  • Number of user-generated content posts created/published

  • Post engagement on your website Feed and Social Media

  • Time spent on your Feed

  • Performance of individual promotional campaigns

Reduction in staff time spent

  • Staff time per user-generated content post created/published

  • Staff time per student-led conversation

  • Staff time per webinar/live event

Reduction in risk and improved data insights are hard to measure but you will know it when you see it. We would suggest qualitatively asking your staff about those aspects rather than trying to measure them directly.


Our Customer Success team are here to help so get in touch if you'd like to talk about any of the ideas in this article 😊