IP Assignment on The Ambassador Platform

A short explanation of how IP Assignment on The Ambassador Platform works.

When building the upgraded version of The Ambassador Platform, we spoke to a very large number of customers, ambassadors and prospects.

We learned that our customers wanted to own the content their representatives were creating and that in general, ambassadors were happy and expected to grant IP Assignment for the work they were doing.

For example, institutions like universities often use IP Assignment for work with students where content is being created. This can be difficult as legal contracts need to be created and signatures collected from all ambassadors.

The Ambassador Platform has IP Assignment from the ambassador to the institution they represent built into the service Terms and Conditions. Ambassadors are unable to successfully create an account without giving their explicit consent first. 

As a result, customer institutions do not have to create additional contracts in order to use The Ambassador Platform with their ambassadors. 

If you have any further questions about IP Assignment on The Ambassador Platform, please get in touch.