Inviting additional admins to your TAP Admin Dashboard

Some easy steps to help you invite colleagues to be administrators on the Admin Dashboard.

So, you've set up your TAP account on the Admin Dashboard but you may like to invite colleagues to be administrators, too. Here are some reasons why:

  • you'd like to share general management of the platform and your ambassadors

  • your recruitment team might want to know what topics are being mentioned in conversations and access prospect data

  • your marketing and social media teams can be involved with the Content feature to source user-generated content via our content groups and gallery

  • other colleagues may need access to TAP widget code to implement it on your website

Head to the Settings tab at the bottom of the taskbar on the left-hand side:

invite admins

Select 'Invite Admins' and enter the email addresses of the colleagues you would like to invite to the platforms as admins.


Your colleagues will receive an invitation via email to create their admin account and then have full access to your dashboard. Please note that the invite link will only remain valid for 72 hours, after which, they will need to be invited from the dashboard again if unactioned. 

Any questions, please let us know and get in in touch via our support chat or 😊