Making your feed available to your target audience (International Schools)

This article covers ideas to promote your feed to prospective students and parents.

Here are some tips to to promote your page to increase brand awareness, drive leads and help with conversion and maximise the number of prospective parents who have access to your ambassadors and the content they've created.

Your Website

  • Embed TAP promos across key landing pages, eg. Admissions page (high traffic). Remember you can customize your pop cards to promote personalized conversations around the page's topics. Within a menu on your website, create a tracked link called 'Speak to our Students' which links to your feed.

Printed collateral

  • Add QR codes or links to your page to flyers or banners shared during in-person events. You can also add a leaflet to your resource packages for parents

  • Create business cards for your ambassadors (parents or staff) with their profile link so they can share them at events to promote ongoing follow-up conversations

Communication Channels

  • Use your ambassadors' content on social media to drive people to your feed. Include links back to your feed or a "Spotlight Ambassador" so any prospects seeing the content can quickly start a conversation with the ambassadors featured in photo/video

  • If you are currently running paid marketing campaigns, consider using your ambassadors' content as the creative in your paid social media adverts. Use content created by ambassadors on TAP, and target the add to prospects in the same region as the featured ambassador

  • Parents seek parent reviews for schools via online forums or Facebook groups. Share your link to your page in open forums for parents to allow prospective families to speak directly with your ambassadors

  • Do you have a closed Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat or Sina Weibo, group with parents and prospective parents? Share the link to TAP to highlight the possibility to chat with parents of current students and staff

Virtual Events

Remember to add UTM tracking to your feed URL when creating campaigns. It's always helpful to analyse the data from your admin dashboard and review the performance the campaigns. If you have any questions please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or send the team a message at: