How to invite your Ambassadors to the Ambassador Training Center

This article explains our Ambassador Training Center and how to select modules for your ambassadors.

Our training center for ambassadors is now embedded in the Invite Ambassadors section of your Admin Dashboard.

What is the Ambassador Training Center?

There are five videos available:

  • What is TAP?

  • What is Chat?

  • What is Content?

  • What is FAQ?

  • How to create a great profile?

Selecting video combinations

Every combination includes the 'What is TAP?' video and 'How to create a great profile?', to provide ambassadors with an overview of TAP and why their work is important. You must select which video combinations are relevant for your ambassadors, for example, if the ambassadors are using Chat, Content and FAQ simply select 'All features'.

training link

This Ambassador Training Center link is automatically included in the ambassador invite email template so that you can easily send this information to your ambassadors.

After watching each short video, ambassadors will be asked 3 multiple choice questions to answer, so that they have a really good understanding of TAP and how to use each feature. In total, this will take around 10 minutes.

Here's an example of one of the questions about Chat:

After watching the videos and completing the questions, ambassadors are invited to download the app and sign up using a code unique to your institution.

Our app works in all countries (including China) and can be downloaded from the Google App store or Apple store. If you are working with an ambassador that does not have access to either of these app stores, please get in touch with your dedicated CSM or email our support email address below. We'll be able to share an APK file version of our app with your ambassador to get them started!

If you have any questions or need any advice in regards to training your ambassadors on the platform, please send us a message via the chat support in your Admin Dashboard, or email us at 😊