How to Incentivize Your Ambassadors

Keeping your ambassadors incentivized and engaged is vital to help you get the most out of TAP.

We always talk about the importance of keeping your ambassadors incentivized when it comes to their use of our platform - it helps them stay engaged with their role and motivated to do the best work possible, and therefore continue to add real value to your institution.

While features like the career points and career reference tools undoubtedly help do this - as well as any remuneration you offer your ambassadors centrally - there are other things you can also try.

Below are three great examples of how some of our customers are keeping their ambassadors motivated, followed by a few general tips from us - feel free to give them a go at your institution.

Points mean prizes at NSCS

At the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), they use the career points and leaderboard to run their own monthly ambassador of the month contest, similar to what we do across all of our partners globally.

At the end of each month, the top three ambassadors on the NSCS leaderboard are rewarded with Amazon vouchers. This has helped encourage their team of ambassadors to keep creating content, answering FAQs, and having chats - as well as building some healthy competition between themselves.

Not only that, with the leaderboard being visible to everyone in the ambassador app, the monthly competition is transparent. Ambassadors can also track their position at any time and take action to help them climb the rankings, if they want to.

Commission at Lighthouse Labs

The admin team at Lighthouse Labs have taken things a step further than a simple Amazon voucher as a means of incentivizing their ambassadors; Lighthouse Labs ambassadors are paid a small commission for any prospect who enrolls to study after having had a conversation on our platform.

This is obviously a more expensive option than just sharing vouchers, so might not suit all budgets, but does give real clout to the work of the ambassadors. Also, because most of Lighthouse Labs’ ambassadors are alumni rather than current students, it is a more appropriate reward than a voucher, which is potentially better suited to current students.

Sharing impact at CJBS

Another way to keep your ambassadors engaged is easy to overlook but can be incredibly effective - giving your ambassadors regular reminders of the difference they are making .

Cambridge Judge Business School does a fantastic job of exactly this. They regularly email their ambassadors with updates on the impact their work is having, for example, pulling out how many prospective students they helped over the last month.

It’s a really simple idea, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Share your positive results with your ambassadors and make them feel good about the work they’re doing for you!

In need of more ideas?

There isn't really a limit to the ways in which you can keep your ambassadors motivated - do whatever works for your team.

If you're still after a few more ideas, here are some other ways we've seen our customers keep their ambassadors engaged and incentivized:

  • Use the content groups feature as an internal messaging tool, and encourage ambassadors and admins to use it to chat with each other, stay connected, and share ideas.

  • Involve your ambassadors in your content planning - organize a monthly call where they can help you brainstorm ideas and build campaigns.

  • If you see positive messages from prospects, why not screenshot them and share them with your ambassadors to underline what great work they're doing?