How to Customize Keyword Blocking in Conversations

You can now customize keyword blocking as part of our safeguarding processes.

As part of our safeguarding processes you now have much more flexibility on the keywords that are blocked in conversations. You can find out more about our layers of safeguarding on TAP in this help article.

In the safeguarding section within the Settings of your Admin Dashboard, you can now:

  • remove words from our default list of keywords in our safeguarding policy

  • add custom keywords that you would like to be detected

  • add emails, phone numbers and domains to a safe list

Default keywords:

  • all selected keywords are blocked by default

  • you may unselect any keywords you would like to show in conversations

Custom keywords:

  • add keywords you would like to be blocked in addition to the default keyword list

Approved numbers, emails, domains:

  • add any safe numbers, emails and domains that you would like to show in conversations


  • add custom keywords in any language

  • more control over the keywords you would like to block

  • add institution phone numbers and emails to the approved list to enable ambassadors to share internal contacts such as the Admissions Team email address/phone number

If you have any questions about this please get in touch via customer support chat or by emailing