How can I add my Job Role and Interests if I'm a Staff Ambassador?

Pretty simple really - read below for how you can do this in the app.

Staff ambassadors can edit their profiles to include a job title and this will display on the profile card as shown in the following example:


In order to do this:

1) Please ensure your app is up to date by checking the Google Play/Apple Stores for updates

2) Please visit the My Profile page in the app, (the fourth icon along the bottom)

2) Click on 'Ambassador Profile'

3) You will notice that the third field will allow you to enter in your job title and bottom field will allow you to enter interests - this is optional

This is a great way to make it really clear to prospects exactly what your role is at the institution and hopefully guide them in knowing what kinds of questions to ask you. You may also use it to highlight if you are a region-specific adviser for example for anyone working in international recruitment.

We hope you'll find this useful and of course, if you have any questions, please get in touch via the customer support chat, or