How Terms & Conditions Work on The Ambassador Platform

An overview of how we have constructed our Terms & Conditions so that they are GDPR-compliant and in keeping with other law.

The Ambassador Platform is a Data Processor

As defined by the GDPR, The Ambassador Platform is a Data Processor and our customers are Data Controllers. This means that we collect and process data from your users and you are ultimately in control of and responsible for that data. We are responsible for handling that data on your behalf in an appropriate manner.

As part of setting up your account on The Ambassador Platform, you will include a link to your institution's Privacy Policy which will then be displayed automatically to all of your users when creating their own user accounts.

Note that whilst The Ambassador Platform is a Data Processor, there is one processing activity for which we position ourselves as a Data Controller. This process is the anonymization and aggregation of all user activity on The Ambassador Platform into a central and separate database. We perform this processing to better understand our users, which helps us to both improve our service and provide greater insight for our customers. You can read more about this processing in our Privacy Notice. We perform this processing under the Lawful Basis of Legitimate Business Interest and have created a Balancing Test document that explains how we have come to this conclusion in conjunction with our legal counsel.

Data Collection Options

The Ambassador Platform gives customers a range of data points they can collect from prospects. You can simply adjust these options through 'Optional Data' in 'Settings' to collect the data that is most relevant and useful for you. Read more about Data Collection on The Ambassador Platform.

IP Assignment

All content that ambassadors submit to the service is automatically owned by the institution they represent through IP Assignment. Read more about IP Assignment on The Ambassador Platform.

Customer Terms and Order Form Process

The Ambassador Platform operates in the same way for all customers and operates off the same Customer Terms. We send customers an Order Form which is often included as part of a proposal. In this Order Form, it is clear what the customer is procuring and key terms and links to key documents in our Legal Center are provided.

Your Data Rights

As The Ambassador Platform is a Data Processor and you are the Data Controller, you are able to process the data you collect from users according to your own Privacy Policy. You can then integrate it with your wider marketing and communications strategy provided you have received appropriate marketing consent.

Marketing Consent

The Ambassador Platform seeks marketing via email consent on your behalf. This data point is available as part of the information you can see and export from the Prospect Report on the platform. The specific wording for this is:

"Do you want to receive email marketing communications from <your institution's name>?"


If you have any questions about any of the points raised in this article, please get in touch.