Great - and free - video editing tools

Do you want to add a bit more pazazz to your videos? We've picked out some of our favorite free editing tools to help. them.

There are tons of free video editing tools available out there that are perfect for indulging your creativity and helping you make the most out of your footage. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to know where to start.

We often get asked for any recommendations of video editing software to share with ambassadors, so this article covers some of our favorite tools out there. This list is by no means exhaustive, but is hopefully a useful one to begin with.

In-built software

It's worth checking what apps/software are already available to you on your device - whether that's a phone or a laptop. For Apple users, iMovie is a fantastic editing tool that will keep most beginner videographers more than happy. For Windows users, there is Movie Maker built-in, but it's worth seeking out Movie Maker 10 for a more impressive option.

Our top five

Kapwing: this is a fantastic browser-based free suite that offers a range of tools - caption generating, video resizing, gif making and loads more. It's best used on a laptop or desktop but is well-worth exploring. Just note that content on free accounts expires after seven days.

Horizon: this mobile editing app is available on iOS and Android, has plenty of cool features, and is simple to use. It might be a bit limited for any advanced videographers out there.

FilmoraGo: this cracking app has a bunch of great features and is very easy to make something great with. You can also add stickers, record voiceovers with your phone's mic, and even add built-in sound effects.

Splice: this is GoPro's mobile app is is built with editing-on-the-go at the heart of what it does. Bags of useful features, add title slides and outros, and loads more - available on iOS and Android.

Headliner: something a bit different to finish - Headliner is a great tool to turn audio into engaging videos. It lets you add waveforms, while also generating impressively accurate captions. You can also add your own text and images. It also offers the option to turn articles into videos, or to transcribe existing videos and add captions - all the while letting you export in 1080p or various sizes suited for social media.

Don't forget! Ambassadors can share videos to TAP from your camera roll, so do feel free to edit your content in your favorite app before passing it on to your admins, and please note that unless specifically requested by your admins, editing of videos is entirely optional and down to your preference.