Email Template for Agents

Here is a template of an email that you can edit and share with your agents, encouraging them to promote your ambassadors.

Hi <agent name>,

Hope this email finds you well.

I'm reaching out to let you know of a new opportunity we would love to exclusively share with <our top 10 agent partners>. We recognise the importance and value our partnership with you brings to our institution and to our students, and want to be able to provide additional support to really strengthen the results we're seeing. 

We've selected <X number of> ambassadors who represent not only the institution but also the various <faculties/departments/schools> as well as <the city/location> itself. You'll find their profiles here <insert tracked and personalised feed link> and will notice that this page has been specially curated solely for your agency, so that any prospects who engage with our ambassadors through this link, will be credited back to you. 

Through this page, prospects are able to start chats with the ambassadors to ask any questions they might have about the student experience. They're also able to see content produced by the ambassadors, often showing life in the city and around campus. We know that 89% of students want to see content created by other students and through facilitating these peer-to-peer interactions, 73% of students say they are more likely to enrol. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to allow your service to really stand out whilst further supporting the prospects that you're working with:

  • Brand differentiation
    By positioning yourselves as an agency whereby students are given the opportunity to connect with current students directly, it helps set you apart from your competitors and encourages more students to work with you.
  • Better customer experience
    As a result of being able to directly connect your students with ambassadors, your students can expect quick and easy-to-understand as well as relatable answers from an authentic source. 
  • Improved conversion rates
    As a result of the above you can be confident that they'll be working with happy, well-informed students who will not only make positive decisions, but be empowered to make them quicker, thus speeding up the conversion cycle. 
  • Retain credit for sharing leads 
    Through TAP's tracked links, agents will retain their name against students as the feature allows for individual prospects to be attributed to specific sources, in this case, an agent or agency. 

If you have any questions at all or need any further advice, please reply to this email.

Best wishes,

<Your name>