Email Campaign Ideas to Start Promoting your Ambassadors

Explore different email campaign ideas that you can test with your target audience.

You might have just finalized setting up your feed or you might have had the page up and running for some time, but you'd like to try something else. Either way, this article will hopefully inspire you to promote your ambassadors with your audience via email. 

In this article, we'll share some best practice advice as well as an email template that you can use to set up your first promotional campaign. 

Before we share with you a couple of examples, let's go through some tips to get your prospects to take action and start conversations with your ambassadors: 

Personalizing your emails will go a long way!

This can be as simple as including your prospect's first name in the salutation and can go as far as linking up prospects with your ambassadors based on the data you have about them. Perhaps, you can connect them based on their interests or country of residence or the course they are interested to study. INTO University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) ran such a campaign and they saw a 340% increase in new prospects having conversations with their ambassadors in just one month.


Include a clear call to action

While you can definitely include a CTA to your feed in your current newsletters and nurturing campaigns, the call to action might get lost amongst the other links and announcements you've included in your email. Particularly for the launch campaign, you might want to try to only have one CTA to TAP. Making this stand out is very important, so using buttons or banners rather than simple hyperlinks will definitely help with that. Below is an example of a launch campaign from Fanshawe College that enabled them to see hundreds of prospects reach out to their ambassadors during their first month on TAP.

Screenshot 2022-03-03 10.57.04

Share content created by your ambassadors 

Repurposing the content created by your ambassadors and using this in your email campaigns is a great way to show your audience the value of visiting your feed. You might want to share with them a mash-up of the intro videos recorded by your ambassadors or a collage of pictures shared by your ambassadors themed around a topic relevant to your audience. You can be as creative as you want!

Take a look at this excellent example from Pearson College London (PCL), who took it a step further and wrote the email in 1st person, coming from the student ambassador themselves:

You'll notice that the entire email is focussed on being as student-centric as possible and draws attention to different aspects of their feed, from the ambassador profiles, all the way through to content and FAQs. 

"As you can see we've segmented by discipline and focused on one specific student! So far they seemed to have performed really well to our hot and sizzling leads before the Jan deadline." - PCL Admin 


Remember all the channels you have available to you, such as running Facebook ads
Dulwich College Singapore make great use of running Facebook ads to promote their ambassadors to a large volume of leads that match their prospective audience persona. See below for an example: 
unnamed (1)

To help you start promoting your feed now, we've included below an email template that can serve as a starting point for your first email campaign:

Hi <First name>, 

I hope this email finds you well. I'm reaching out to share with you some exciting news! We've recently launched our Digital Ambassador Programme which means you can now have conversations with members of our community online at your convenience. 

Having said that, I thought I'd personally introduce you to <Ambassador name - include link to the ambassador's profile> who is very keen to share their experience with you and answer any questions you might have about <Institution name>. 

Feel free to reach out to them or to anyone in the team and share the news with your friends as well. 

<Include button/banner with a link to TAP>

Thanks for reading this article and we hope it was useful. If you have any feedback on this article or you're happy to share how you've promoted your feed, we'd love to hear from you - get in touch at