Does content quality decrease when shared through the platform? (No).

Read below for reassurance around the retention of the original quality of content once shared through the platform, whether published to the Feed or downloaded for use elsewhere.

Content quality should be retained in its original format when shared through the platform and published onto your Feed, regardless of the source of upload (whether the ambassador shares something from their gallery or takes something within the app itself). For example, if you check content on a Feed, the image quality will be high:

You may notice that the second, fifth and seventh items above seem to be fractionally lesser in quality than the others. This is because these three content pieces are videos. In this view of the Feed, we call it the 'Preview' mode and due to needing to balance between quality and user experience for the prospects, video (not image) quality on the preview is slightly lowered. This is because otherwise, for users on slower internet connections, the videos may not play properly at all and the load speed of the page itself could be affected. However, when they click onto an individual video, the quality they see is the same quality as that of the original file. See the difference below when we click onto a video from the Preview mode:

This Preview mode concept also applies to the dashboard and the app. When sharing content to your social media or when you download the content from the platform, you're downloading in its original quality. Even if the appearance of the quality doesn't seem high enough when you view it on the dashboard, try downloading it and you'll see that the quality is actually that of the original. And for ambassadors, though the content on their Feed in the app may not look like their original quality either, when you publish it or download it, it will be in the original quality.

👉 Therefore, for your external users, i.e. your prospects who are viewing the content, they will be seeing it in the original quality of that in which the content was originally shared.