Data Collection on The Ambassador Platform

A brief overview of data collection from prospects on The Ambassador Platform.

The Ambassador Platform collects some mandatory data from prospects and also allows customers to choose from a list of optional data fields that they would additionally like to collect.

Data you collect from prospects is your data, so you may use it according to your own Privacy Policy that you link into The Ambassador Platform in the Legal Setup settings page.

The mandatory data collected by The Ambassador Platform is the minimum amount of data we need to operate our service and provider a personalized experience to your prospects:

  • First Name

  • Second Name

  • Email

  • Nationality

The additional optional data options available for you to activate in your Admin Dashboard are:

  • School Name (short text answer)

  • Postcode (short text answer)

  • Have you already applied? (Yes/No answer)

  • Course of interest (a tool for you to import your course list for those options)

  • Planned enrollment period (a tool for you to set your enrolment periods)

  • Date of Birth (date input)

  • Country of Residence (country list drop down)

  • Custom Questions (two opportunities to write your own questions along with set answers prospects may choose from)

We recommend using optional data questions sparingly as each question increases the length of the user registration experience.

All additional data points you ask for are optional and don't have to be completed, unless you specifically select to make the mandatory.

This is the view for prospective students:

Step 1:

Step 2:

This example includes several data points switched on so that you may see how each looks but, as mentioned above, we would recommend using optional questions sparingly to increase the completion rate.

If you have any thoughts or questions about our data collection, please get in touch.