Coordinating a Digital Ambassador Programme across Multiple Brands

If you're an organization working with multiple brands on The Ambassador Platform, this checklist may be a useful guide as to how to divide responsibility.

Are you an organization that's looking to utilize The Ambassador Platform across multiple brands of yours? We work with a number of similar organizations and have taken learnings as to what works best when managing the platform, and how you should divide responsibilities between the 'Central Team' (at the organization level) and the individual 'brands' on the ground.

Please do feel free to customize the below checklist to whatever works best for your institution and get in touch if you have any questions.

Action Central Team  Brand Team 
Creating and setting up the brand's account X  
Working with TAP to create a group account X  
Inviting staff to join as admins X  
Identifying and inviting ambassadors to register on TAP   X
Creating and setting up the Feed on the brand's website X  
Adding promotions to different pages on the brand's website X  
Adding promotions to the central website X  
Planned email conversion campaigns X X
Social media lead generation and conversion campaigns  X X
Personalized email follow ups to individual prospects   X
Working with ambassadors on content   X
Monitoring, editing, tagging and publishing ambassadors' content   X
Providing support on conversations with prospects    X
Evaluating success metrics and results  X  


In terms of the technical setup, the Central Team will have access to a Group Account whereby they can see all the necessary reports to keep track of key metrics and if necessary, are able to jump into the individual accounts. The brands will work within their own individual accounts, managing their own settings, data and ambassadors.

Where organizations have seen the most success is where the Central Team has provided good support with setting the accounts up and driving marketing campaigns to ensure there is good promotion of each brand's Feeds. The individuals brands are often responsible for the day-to-day management of the platform including working with the ambassadors and of course running any campaigns specific to their brand.

Get in touch with support or your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions about the suggestions in this article.