Content ideas for ambassadors

Give future students an authentic view into life at your institution by sharing your photos and videos through TAP.

As an ambassador, you have the opportunity to show future students what makes your institution so special! From pics of your favourite study spots, to video's on why you chose to study at your university/school... future students want to hear from you through engaging videos and photos! Part of your role as an ambassador is to capture life at your institution and upload this content via the TAP app. 

Here are some of our favourite content ideas we would recommend creating and uploading via the app:

  • Record a short intro video (30 sec-1 min) sharing why you decided to be an ambassador, what you'd be most useful to talk to about, what are your interests etc
  • Share a photo/video of the city you're based in
  • Share a photo/video of what you get up to in your free time

  • Record a video: What is something you wished you'd known before joining <institution name>?

Uni jargon still a mystery to you? Hit us up in the comments or if you're in year twelve, come chat to us on 21 & 23 June for Degrees & Scholarships info nights 👋

♬ original sound - UNSW Sydney
  • Record a video: Why did you choose <institution name>?
@uniofsunderland ✅Great location ✅ top industry connections ✅ fantastic place to live! What are your reasons for choosing #Sunderland ? #sunderlanduni #universityofsunderland #fyp #CloseYourRings ♬ original sound - University of Sunderland
  • Share a photo/video of the facilities at <institution name>
@uts_sydney Did you know the ceiling portholes on level 7 all point to the UTS sign on The Tower? #uts #utslife #utstok #sydney #australia #architecture ♬ chicken tikka - hannah
  • Share a photo/video of activities or events on campus

  • Share a photo/video of the clubs/societies you are involved in

  • Share a photo/video of your campus

Now you have some amazing content, don't forget to share it! After uploading to TAP, you can share it on your own social media platform, or your university/school can share it too! See this awesome social media post from Manchester Met:

Screenshot 2022-07-22 102905

We hope this has been helpful, and look forward to seeing your amazing content! 😊