Add TAP to the auto-response emails.

You don’t know where to start? This may be the first step you would like to take.

Your prospective students submit inquiry forms throughout the year.  If you are targeting international students, you also receive application forms from prospective students over the year.  You have planned campaigns but they aren’t happening right now?  Then, you might want to consider adding the TAP to your auto-response emails! 

Inquiry auto-response emails 

I believe your institute has a generic email address such as “international@” or “inquiry@” that goes to your admission team or contact centre to attend.  After emails were received,  I believe acknowledgement emails are sent to prospective students.  Adding feed information with CTA (call to action) to the inquiry auto-response emails would encourage prospective students to speak with your ambassadors while waiting to hear back from your university. 

Application auto-response emails 

Similar to the inquiry auto-response emails, your university sends out auto-response emails to your prospective students upon submitting their applications that might be managed by your admission team.  Please discuss with your admission manager if they are able to add the TAP information to their auto-response email!  If you could arrange a generic email banner with a QR code in the email, that would be super!  You can check the article about the email banner here

After event (face to face and/or webinars) auto-response emails 

We also encourage you to add feed information to your after event auto-response emails.  Your prospective students have already spoken to your team and now they might want to hear from your students to get authentic insights into your institute!  We know after event auto-response emails can be really dry.  Add your email banner and feed information into the auto-response emails to make your institute stand out from other institutes! 

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