Asking your IT Team to add pop cards on the website

This email template is designed to help you communicate with your IT colleagues about adding TAP pop cards across the website. Feel free to edit as needed.

Hi [name],

As you may know, we have been working with a service called The Ambassador Platform to connect our prospects with our ambassadors online. You may visit the page on our website here: [insert Feed link].

At the moment, we are driving around [number of new users] new users per month to this page. Following recommendations from the TAP team, we would like to implement some of their pop cards around our website. (See this university for an example of how they've used a pop card). We're expecting to see up to 6x the number of new users we normally engage with.

The pages we would like the pop card to appear is as follows:

  • [ABC]
  • [123]
  • [XYZ]

We have already created the pop card through TAP's Admin Dashboard and what we now need your support with is to simply implement these pop cards on the above pages. The instructions from TAP are as follows:

  1. Copy the following javascript, embed code for the pop cards:
    [enter pop card embed code from dashboard]
  2. Paste this code between the <body> </body> tags on the pages listed above, within your CMS

We hope this makes sense - any questions, let us know or feel free to contact the TAP team at with me cc'd. 

Best wishes,